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Medical Services

Family and General Health Care

  • Care for all ages and all genders
  • Goal: accessible every day, serve as a reliable entry point for medical advice / care
  • Electronic Health Records, including making those records available to patients through a program called 'WebView'
  • Computer access to Evidence Based Advice
  • Patient Centered Care with a 'preventive' focus
  • Annual Exams
  • X- Ray: Chest, Spine, Extremity
  • Sonography (Ultra-sound): Obstetrical, Abdominal, Musculoskeletal
  • Laboratory - Complete Blood Count, Sedimentation Rate, Basic Metabolic Panel, Hemoglobin A1c, Cholesterol, Liver Enzymes, Urinalysis, Albumin/ Creatinine Ratio, Troponin
  • Dispensary - common short term & urgent medications
  • Office Procedures - Vision check, Glaucoma screening, Hearing screening, Audiometry, Lung Function (Spirometry), Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, ECG, Holter Monitoring, Excision of skin lesions, Vasectomy
  • Scope Procedures: Colposcopy, Laryngoscopy, Dermoscopy  
  • Urgent Care: Injury, Laceration repair
  • Acute Care: Assist EMS in any way we can; Heat Attack / Stroke - local and flight transport systems
  • Hospital coordination: Gunnison Valley Hospital, Montrose Memorial Hospital, Saint Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction
  • Consultant coordination: Montrose, Grand Junction, Front Range

Family Dentistry

  • Exams
  • Oral Hygiene & Cleaning
  • Routine General Dentistry
  • Crowns - Bridges

Emergency Services (Provided by Hinsdale County EMS)

  • Response to 911 Calls
  • Transport by Ambulance
  • Pre-Hospital Treatment and Care
  • Basic, Intermediate and Paramedic Skills

Public Health (Provided by Hinsdale County Public Health)

  • Immunizations
  • Home Health Care
  • Gunnison Valley Health
  • Gunnison Home Health

Mental Health

  • Donna Sue Hudgins: MA, LPCC, NCACII ; Moseley Health Care Complex ; www.claritycounseling.com ; PO Box 1207 Lake City, CO 81235 ; 970 275-9344 
  • Mental Health Counsellor associated with Gunnison Mental Health
  • Video-Conference for a remote session to Psychiatry and Gunnison Mental Health is available


Payment is expected at time of treatment; we are on many insurance plans.

A 25% discount is provided for uninsured patients who pay at the time of service.

A Sliding Fee Scale has been established for those who meet certain criteria.  Application must be made prior to service; based on documented 'prior year'income.  Contact the medical center to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Download the sliding scale information packet

2019 Sliding Fee Chart 


Lake City Area Medical Center
Post Office Box 999
Lake City, Colorado 81235


700 North Henson Street
Lake City, Colorado 81235


9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Saturday
(9:00am-10:00am hour prioritized for lab draws)

1:00pm to 5:00pm, Sunday (May-September)

A provider is on call after hours